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Salt & Burn is finally available online! It’s been a long and winding road, but now you and your friends can hunt the things that go bump in the night! Play as a Hunter of the supernatural that travels the board, killing monster and saving lives. The first Hunter to save 10 lives wins the game! You can read more about the game in the Etsy listing or visit to see other people playing the game and read the rules.

We also have the Bitten Booster Pack and the Brothers Booster Pack available, each one adding extra gameplay and alternate methods of play.

Due to problems with our laser cutter, we only have enough of the original laser-cut acrylic player tokens and hearts for 25-30 games. After those are sold, we’re going to be revisiting the game and replacing the tokens with cardboard chits, so if you want to get the full original game, here’s your chance. Thanks guys, happy hunting!

Nintendo Giveaway Donations!

So I’m going to be launching a Nintendo Giveaway soon that will include games, jewellery, plushies, and a custom flash drive and I’m looking for people who might want to donate a few extra items to the prize. If you have a store and sell anything related to Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, or stuff like that and want to contribute an item to the giveaway send me an ask or email me at Thanks!

lianabrooks answered your post: Rules of Villainy

Have you not read WHEN I AM AN EVIL OVERLORD list??? You’re bringing shame to the house of villains!

haha I actually linked to it in the post. That’s why I said it’s pretty much the opposite :)

Rules of Villainy

I’ve got a new project in mind and need some help from you guys! I’m making a list of the Rules of Villainy. Basically a list of the things that villains stereotypically do in movies, shows, and comics. You can also kind of think of it as an opposite of the Evil Overlord list since it’s stuff that villains do even though they shouldn’t and it usually leads to their downfall.

Also, look here for the Rules of Heroics list.

Ideas so far:

  1. Trade witty banter with your hero arch nemesis. 
  2. Explain your plot in detail just before killing the hero.
  3. Practice your evil laugh.
  4. Have an ultimate master plan.
  5. Gloat about your win after capturing the hero.
  6. Wear black leather head to toe.
  7. You must be able to monologue at length.
  8. Maintain only the finest and most neatly trimmed facial hair.
  9. If facial hair is not an option for you, heavy application of eyeliner will do.
  10. Maintain enough charisma that ladies find you charming.
  11. Have a tragic backstory.
  12. "No one can stop me now!"
  13. Call everyone fools/peasants/idiots etc. to prove your superiority. 
  14. Enlist an army of incapable goons so you have do everything yourself.
  15. Always capture the loved one of the hero.
  16. Always have a huge red button that self-destructs your hideout.
  17. Never keep minions on once they’ve outlived their usefulness.
  18. Have a dark sense of humour.
  19. Never kill the hero. Too boring.
  20. Always shoot hundreds of bullets but make sure none ever hit the hero.
  21. Have a hidden lair that everyone knows about.
  22. Wear a lot of spiky clothing.
  23. Evil lair must be large and made of stone. Preferably grey, dark, and creepy looking. 
  24. Dramatic entrances are a must.
  25. Never remember a minions name. 
  26. Tell really bad puns.
  27. Have an unnecessarily elaborate ultimate master plan.
  28. Always discount someone close to the hero as inconsequential even if they seem to have some potentially useful skill.
  29. Always trust the person who came from nowhere and claims to adore you.
  30. Remember that henchmen are disposable.
  31. Smirk often.
  32. If you capture the hero and their party always lock them up together.
  33. Make all methods of killing the hero needlessly complicated so that the hero has time to escape.
  34. Yell at your minions to fetch you useless tools.
  35. If you have an opportunity to kill the hero, don’t. Just talk until the hero escapes.
  36. Pit your lieutenants against each other.
  37. Ensure you’re imprisoned within a glass cell.
  38. Always attack during a thunderstorm for dramatic special effects.
  39. Do not have a back up plan.

I’ll keep updating this list as I get suggestions. So help me out! 

What are some of the Rules of Villainy?

Rules of Heroics

I’ve got a new project in mind and need some help from you guys! I’m making a list of the Rules of Heroics. Basically a list of the things that heroes stereotypically do in movies, shows, and comics. 

Also, look here for the Rules of Villainy list.

Ideas so far:

  1. Never look at an explosion.
  2. Declare your protection of a loved one loudly for all to hear. 
  3. Wear spandex.
  4. Stare dramatically into the distance.
  5. Rip the IV drip out of your arm as soon as you wake up in a hospital bed.
  6. Run headfirst into a situation without evaluation.
  7. "This looks like a job for ________!"
  8. Prepare witty lines to throw at the villain.
  9. Save people trapped in out of control trains, buses, cars, planes, etc.
  10. Have a clever catch phrase.
  11. Never just stand by when a child is crying.
  12. Make sure you leave your love one as vulnerable as possible so that the villain can kidnap them.
  13. Make sure everyone is about to lose hope then swoop in and save the day at the last minute.
  14. Be obnoxiously righteous.
  15. Scout out the best places to stand for wind to dramatically blow loose hair and clothes.
  16. Yell out the name of your attack.
  17. Have a tragic backstory.
  18. Don’t kill the villain. Just put them in prison.
  19. Have great hair.
  20. Strike a heroic pose often.
  21. A dramatic entrance is everything.
  22. Have a double life with a useful, crime related career.
  23. Find the tiny flaw in the villains ‘perfect trap’.
  24. Always have an epic playlist/soundtrack for all your actions.
  25. Always save puppies and kittens.
  26. Always believe in everyone else more than you believe in yourself.
  27. Remember how the villain has your significant other so that you can overcome death at the last minute.
  28. Be sure to have either a totally normal childhood or a wildly tragic one—nothing in between.
  29. Have a secret identity.
  30. Always have a spectacular mode of transportation.
  31. Capes. Enough said.
  32. Make sure your teeth sparkle in the sunlight.
  33. Never kill the villain. Just put them in an insecure prison.
  34. Always be surprised that the villain broke out of prison, even it has happened twice this week already.
  35. Be able to hit your targets.
  36. Make mistakes, so you’re believable.
  37. If you have a tragic backstory, only reveal it to your true love, preferably at the worst possible time.
  38. Be betrayed by your closest friend.
  39. Push your loved one away to keep them safe.
  40. Always be connect to the villain in some way; brother, father, uncle, professor, ex, etc
  41. Never kill the villain at the first chance you get. You need to wait until you’re almost defeated and totally weak.

I’ll keep updating this list as I get suggestions. So help me out! 

What are some of the Rules of Heroics?