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Announcement: Store will be closed at end of month (just for a few days)


I’m going to be moving on October 1st so I will be closing the store for the last few days of September and the first few days of October in order to pack and get everything set up at my new place. So if you have time sensitive orders get them in now!

For anyone who’s wondering I’ll be moving to Burlington, Ontario. So if you’re in the area let me know! I need to make friends there!

Store will be closing in a few hours! So get in any last minute orders because it will probably be closed until October 5th or 6th.

I bought one of your "Vampire Slayer" necklaces at FanExpo, and accidentally broke it (totally my fault, pressed between my body weight and the edge of a desk, it was kinda screwed) I fixed it, but I have to ask, how strong are they in general? Like, can my messenger bag strap be over it, or is that too much pressure? I love it and wanna wear it again, but I don't want to break it by mistake again. What can it hold up to?

Asked by azetgrisu

Oh no! I’m sorry it broke! I can’t really give you a definite answer on what it will hold though. Since it’s a long design if it has support on either end then has something push at the center it will break. The acrylic is pretty tough but too much bending will definitely kill it.  For your bag it depends on how heavy the bag is and where the necklace is hanging. Sorry I can give you a more definite answer!


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But but but a lot of the characters seemed pushed to the background. Their personalities were a bit wiped out. Also, there was no explanation as to how Gally got to the exit. A lot of audience who didn’t read the book got confused.

True, but I think they did well with balancing the more main characters since movies usually don’t deal with so many different characters. I don’t know about the Gally thing though lol. I would put that in a ‘this is all a big conspiracy’ category…